160Pcs Good Tester 1-14 Paper Saliva pH Test Strips


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Good pH Test Strips, Description Match the color changed strip with the pH scale color chart within 15 seconds, You can use the paper for cooking, like checking the acidity of coffee or the alkalinity of tea, Maintain a healthy lifestyle by testing many common everyday substances, Labratory pH indication strips with several uses, The test strip color changes must be matched with the pH scale color chart within about 15 seconds, There is a strong correlation between the pH of the body's internal environment and pH paper help you to maintain good healthy body by testing many usual everyday substances, including moisturized soap, lemon juice, milk, liquid detergent, moisturized soil, saliva, urine, sweat etc, The scale reads from 1 to 14, 1 - 3 indicates a very acidic substance, 4 - 6 indicates an acidic substance, 7 indicates neutral, 8 - 11 indicates alkalinity, 12 - 14 indicate a very high level of alkalinity.


  • Good pH Test Strips
  • PH 1-14 color chart in each pack
  • Size 7cm x 4.5cm (2.75" x 1.75")
  • Package Contents 2 Packs of 80 pH Indicator Strips with Color Chart (160Pcs)
  • 100% Brand New and Satisfaction Guaranteed


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